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Snack Shack Shift Signup Instructions and Policies

Each family is required to fulfill two (2) snack shack shifts during the spring season and one (1) shift during the fall season.  The number of required shifts is per family not per player registered; i.e., two for spring and one for fall per family.

  •           Parents have the responsibility to choose their own snack shack shifts online.
  •       Blocks of shifts will be begin to be made available once game schedules are announced.
  •       All shifts must be scheduled online by April 1st (spring season) and October 31 (fall season), after which time unscheduled shifts will result in deposit checks being cashed.
  •  You may not cancel your own shift online and register for another without prior approval from our vice president, Christina Pompeo.
  •  Only one shift may be rescheduled once during the season with 72 hours’ notice prior to start of your shift.
  •  Notice of shift cancellation is via email only.
  •  Non-appearance for shifts without approved notice will result in the cashing of deposit checks.
  •      Questions regarding snack shack shifts and shift change requests must be directed to Christina Pompeo
  •      Snack shack shifts must be fulfilled by the player’s parent/guardian. Those under the age of 21 are not permitted to serve at the snack shack.
  •      Those interested in making their snack shack deposit checks a tax deductible donation to Westhills Baseball may contact auxiliary president Rita Lippincott